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Diane Rossi

Vanessa and Douglas
(Blessing Ceremony in Chianti)

We are still so impressed and touched by the beautiful ceremony from Diane.
Planning a Wedding is not easy and you meet so many people who really make it harder, but you also have exceptions like Blessings from Italy.
Diane really takes the time to get to know the couple and that's why the ceremony was so unique. It was so personal and full of beautiful poems. She works in a very professional way and keeps the space of privacy at the same time she is always there.
I could have not ask for a better Officiant, and I really can recommend Blessings from Italy!

Natalie and Ricky
(Blessing Ceremony in Chianti)

Diane is very professional and an overall lovely gentle, warm and caring person. She was able to guide us all the way with personalising our vows so that they were perfect for us without us having to worry about anything! On the big day Diane, adapted the ceremony perfectly for a truly wonderful special moment!

Laura and Grant
(Baby Naming Ceremony in Umbria)

Diane provided us with a wonderful ceremony, we couldn't have asked for a more personalised or professional celebrant. She took the time to get to know us before the day and made suggestions for the format and content based on us as individuals, which included a combined marriage and baby naming ceremony. Our wedding day was truly special and unique to us and we will remember it forever. Thanks Diane!
I would highly recommend to other couples. Everyone has commented on how much they enjoyed the ceremony, thank you!.

Ashley and Ryan
(Spiritual Ceremony in Umbria)

Diane, I am so happy and honored you were able to guide us through our ceremony and vows. You really got to the heart of what we desired in terms of the emphasis on family and faith and our respect for each other. I was in tears less than a minute in! It was a blessing beyond words to work with you. Thank you for sharing your sweet spirit and your amazing craft with us - it would not have been nearly as beautiful and intimate without you there!

Cathy and Lauren
(Same Sex Ceremony in Florence)
We reached out to Diane when our original officiant did not have the energy we felt comfortable with. As a same sex couple getting marrying in Italy, we had some concerns which she completely quelled. She sent us a very detailed questionnaire that not only helped give her a total understanding of our relationship, how we envisioned our ceremony, and what we loved most about each other, it also helped us reflect on our relationship and our love for one another :) This was really helpful when we started to write our own vows. Throughout the planning process, you can very easily tell how important this work is to her and the special care she takes to ensure that she infuses love into what she does. Once the ceremony was over, we felt so connected to her and we all vowed to remain friends forever, and I truly hope that's the case! We respect her so much for the amazing job she does and her commitment to providing personalized, unrivaled attention to one of the most important days of our life.

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About Me
Every couple is unique and deserving of a creative and dignified ceremony, which reflects their wishes and who they are as a couple. I am the "Mother Tongue British" part of the Anglo/Italian duo 'Blessings From Italy'.

I am a writer and Independent European Celebrant with extensive experience and an excellent reputation. I have been writing personalized scripts and conducting heterosexual and same sex weddings, Renewal of Vows and Baby/Child Naming ceremonies since 2005.

I passionately believe that heartfelt eloquent content and professional delivery is crucial to ensuring not only a meaningful ceremony but also the quality and longevity of a couple's marriage. Diane Rossi Celebrant of Florence and Rome

I have been commissioned to compose and deliver ceremonies by couples from all over the world and am particularly known for my poetic spiritual prose, originality and empathy. I do not view myself as a Humanist and as part of my personal ethos, I am committed to annual training at a Parish in Rome to guide couples regarding their spiritual and religious ceremonies.

Recently my work has attracted considerable interest from clients from the world of film and television and I have officiated at many VIP events. My personal promise is that you will receive a quality service and a moving personalized ceremony, which you will look back on with the fondest of memories.. and which will hopefully serve to strengthen your mutual bond in the future!

The Dalai Lama says,
Live a good, honourable life.
Then when you get older and think back,
you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time.

I treat your ceremony for exactly what it is: A memory of a lifetime.

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