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Christine Capewell
as Funeral Celebrant
Christine Capewell

“Dear Christine, A very big thank you from our family for making mum’s service such a special one for us all. You captured the essence of mum’s life in a sensitive and caring light and you certainly gave us an insight into how her determination and strength shaped her world.” Our warmest thanks.
Sandra &Family, Templestowe

“Christine, I want to thank you again for the wonderful way you crafted the eulogy at mum's funeral yesterday and for your support and kindness over those difficult days.  Several people have said how the eulogy was sensitive, thoughtful, informative, fitting and moving.  My dear partner David amongst them - and he can be a hard task-matter with such things. I'm so pleased we found you.  Meeting and discussing mum with you last Friday morning was an important time for me.  You helped me come to know things about my mum and myself I had never previously realized and this has helped me a great deal over this past week - and will continue to do so.” Warm Regards Elaine, Eltham  “We really appreciated that you came all the way to Bendigo to discuss and talk about Dad’s life and the interest you showed in his story. It certainly came through at the service. Many of our friends commented that they felt you captured his essence and complimented you as the celebrant.
Marlene & John Dingle, Bendigo

“Dear Christine, Just a brief message to let you know the whole family thought you were wonderful in the way youshepherded us through Mum's funeral service. You did a sterling job indeed, especially with the pressure of such a short preparation time. Your words were  comforting and so apt for the occasion. Thank you once again.”
    Paul and Lesley Tipping , North Carlton

Christine, I thought your content and delivery were first rate. You showed sincere sensitivity and a great kindness and understanding. I have heard many celebrants, but none who have impressed me as much as you did. Thank you, your work was much appreciated by all who attended.
R.W. Drummond, Croydon

“Dear Christine, I want to thank you for the service you prepared for my father’s funeral. Your insight into his childhood and how this influenced the person he became gave me a new perspective into my father’s difficult character. This helped me in reflecting on his life to reach a better understanding of who he was. You drew a portrait that did not shy away from Dad’s problematic side, but that was imbued with sensitivity and respect. I loved the way you wove Pegasus into Dad’s story! And my mother, Robyn and I very much appreciated the booklets you gave us. All who attended said they enjoyed the service and I feel fortunate to have had you as our celebrant.” Thank you so much.
E.Sprigg, East Malvern

“Thanks Christine, I felt you handled the service with both professionalism and empathy and this was much appreciated. I believe the balance of the ceremony was right. Everyone commented on how well the service went, so thank you so much. It was in keeping with who Mum was. The booklet was also excellent.
W. Cavell & Families  

“I’d like to thank you once again for the great job you did and the high level of service you provided. It pleases me to know that Rita would have been very happy with how you conducted her life celebration service.“
M. Milione, Townsville

Dear Christine, just wanted to let you know that we were really pleased with your handling of mum's funeral and personally, I feel that we were fortunate to have been referred to you. I think that we all felt very comfortable with you from our meeting and you took a lot of interest in our family and the service was a really thoughtful and appropriate and memorable event. Many of our friends really enjoyed the ceremony because there was none of the usual bullshit. You focussed on celebrating Rita’s life and sending her off with respect and care. I’m sure mum would have loved it. Mary’s neice, Lisa said it was the best funeral she has attended… so thanks again.
A. Milione, Preston

We were all very grateful for your professionalism and                   your ideas. You listened to and adopted ideas and comments about  Mum from all members of the family. You made the service personal and it appeared so seamless. We will remember the service with pleasure for many years to come.
S.Gough & Families, Kew

"I have asked the family to engage you when my time comes, many thanks.”
Paul, Camberwell

Dear Christine, We were thrilled with the funeral service for Mum last Friday. You were the lynch pin that started the process and we appreciate your effort and talent which made the service a success. It was Mum's last hurrah and it suited her to a Tee.  Mum's ashes are now scattered. Thanks again and God bless you in the professional work you do. In appreciation”
The Kennedy Family

Chris, I apologise for the difficulty in which you were placed by the conflict within our family. This came as a complete surprise to me as I thought that I had included my sister and given her the opportunity to contribute what she wanted to. I was, to say the least, taken aback by her behaviour. Many thanks for handling it so diplomatically. Anyway we were all very pleased with the service – even ……!”
Regards, Jennie

Dear Christine, Thank you for your assistance during such a difficult time. You managed to capture Christine’s personality in the short time you sat with us. For that we are so grateful. Frances Dear Christine Thank you for guiding me through the information you need to tell Mum’s Story so easily. At times I felt I was just talking with an old friend who was prepared to listen. I appreciate it.

Christine Capewell - Your Marriage and Funeral Celebrant
of Corowa, Yarrawonga and Albury

Area of operation
Murray Border/Riverina area & Nth Eastern Victoria especially the valley from Yarrawonga to Albury

Phone and email
+61 417 377 871

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Qualifications and Experience -
My initial tertiary qualification was in education and
I also have a Bachelor of Theology, a
Graduate Diploma in Religious Education and a
Certificate of Trauma Counselling and Therapy.
In addition, I hold a Certificate IV in Real Estate Agency Practice and
Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy.
I have been a Funeral Celebrant since 1991.

Bride and Groom

Member: International College of Celebrancy Alumni and Friends

I Provide the Following Ceremonies:

Whilst I facilitate the planning and celebration of all life's milestones, I specialise in funeral celebrancy. In addition to meaningful end-of-life rituals, I also work with those with a life threatening illness, in palliative care or of senior years, companioning and recording their thoughts as they reflect on life and prepare for death.

About Me
Over the years, I have trained and worked in several disciplines, however it has been the experience of life in all its ups and downs that has gifted me with an ability to closely relate to people. It's also given me an understanding of human nature, an awareness and appreciation of the impact of genealogy and social history in forming our lives and an instinctive, creative flair to celebrate who we are as humans. What gives my work such reward and meaning is the honour of being invited and allowed into the lives of people, companioning and helping them mark significant moments in life's journey through rich and meaningful ritual and ceremony.Beautiful Christine Capewell

Christine Capewell
Bachelor of Theology,
Grad Dip RE,
Certificate in Trauma Counselling and Therapy,
Civil Celebrant.
Member of The International College of Civil Celebrants Alumni.
Her professional background includes teaching, pastoral care and her own private practice as a grief and loss counsellor.
To this important field of service, Christine brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, insight and a deep sensitvity to people.
For many years, Chris has created, guided and lead meaningful rituals for individuals, couples and groups.
She has an innate ability to listen beyond words, is creative and resourceful with a keen sense of appropriateness to the situation and attention to detail.
As a Celebrant, Christine is a facilitator, an attentive and sensitive interviewer, a creative writer, a professional public speaker, a loss and grief educator and a ceremonial leader .
A professional Code of Ethics binds her to maintain confidentiality in her work with individuals and families.

Fees and Value:
Celebrancy is one area of life you really get what you pay for.

There is no such thing as a short cut to a good funeral. I charge $90 per hour in normal circumstances - times vary from 10 to 30 hours. Your capacity to pay is a careful consideration in the final invoice.

Why choose a civil Funeral Celebrant?
The best Civil Celebrants are creative, alternative, ceremonial leaders. They are the best choice for those who want to honour the life of a deceased loved one through sensitive, well-planned and prepared - and participatory - end-of-life ritual and ceremony.

Civil ceremonies are usually not religious in nature, but it is essential they are both deeply personal and meaningful for those who are bereaved. As funerals are a chance to honour and to celebrate a life lived, Christine’s aim as a Funeral Celebrant, is to ensure that all those who have gathered for the service have the opportunity to participate in a ceremony that celebrates the life and personality and achievements of the person who has died.

Learning to live without the daily physical presence of a loved one is indeed a journey of loss. Meaningful end-of-life ceremonies can be a vital and integral part of beginning the healing process and learning to live in the loved one’s absence. As a Funeral Celebrant, Christine is trained and committed to helping individuals and families plan and present personalised memorial services, celebrations of life and funeral services.

What is a Funeral?
Regardless of culture and belief, a funeral is a ritual, a sacred moment in time to pause, to celebrate the life of a loved one, and to honour their passing.

As well as remembering the person who has died, funerals are also a time for the living. The funeral and committal ceremony is an important opportunity for those who remain, to gather, to come to terms with what has happened and to share memories and their sense of bereavement. The funeral ceremony is a time for the telling of precious stories and a way that allows us to articulate the loss and to commence the difficult journey of grief. It is also provides a sacred space in which to offer support to each other at a time of bewilderment and loss.

Because funerals are such an important ritual for us as human beings, it is vital that the ceremony is sensitively crafted to accurately reflect the personality and life of the one who has died and to provide meaningful expression for those who mourn. Like a finely hand crafted and indivdual pair of leather shoes or gloves, a quality, personalized funeral ceremony can take from between 10 - 30 hours to create, for one size does not fit all.

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