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Your Marriage, Funeral & Naming Celebrant is Lindee Garrett of Burleigh Waters, Varsity Lakes and Palm Beach

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Burleigh Waters, Varsity Lakes, Palm Beach and surroundsKaren Ho Marriage Celebrant Southbank

I am prepared to travel anywhere for my clients. I am a Registered Civil Marriage Celebrant based in Queensland's beautiful Gold Coast area. I will travel far and wide to help you create memories for a life time.

Contact Details
84 Verona Circuit 
p(H): (07) 5520 5696
m: 0404 062 696

Cert IV in Celebrancy from the International College of Celebrancy

Professional Association
International College of Celebrancy Alumni Association

Same sex ceremonies
renewal of vows
life's milestones (birthdays/graduations/coming of age)

My Celebrancy
I delight in co-creating beautiful unique ceremonies for significant life moments. I know I am dedicated to and known for giving marrying couples, families and other individuals a deeper connection to community through providing distinctive personalized ceremonies.Lindee garrett wedding

Whatever you have in mind, my task is to provide the ceremony of which you must be the central part. It must, first of all, please you - The BRIDE & GROOM .

My Vision
My vision is to co-create meaningful ceremonies for clients to enable them to gain a sense of fulfilment and supreme happiness from sharing their celebrations with their family and friends.

I’m blessed every day when I bring people together in loving environments. My calling gives me a deep peace. From every ceremony I learn more and, in turn, teach others.

Every morning I wake knowing that I’ve contributed to the wellbeing of my clients and ultimately the planet.
My clients are drawn from many walks of life but, predominantly, they are deep thinkers with a strong connection to space and time and our world.

For as long as I can remember, I have asked questions like, ”What am I doing here?” and, “What’s life really for anyway?”. In recent years I found that many others were asking the same questions. So for me, to alleviate some of the disconnection, I have a clear and strong message: an answer to help fill the space where there was that “something missing”. I aim to create ceremonies that enable families and friends to deeply reconnect with their loved ones when they celebrate significant and special moments in their lives.

My intention is to facilitate the co- creation of very unique ceremonies which reflect the life and loves of couples designing their perfect wedding day; of new parents welcoming a new baby with Naming ceremonies; renewal of vows for couples wishing to reaffirm their love; as well as coming of age, and other celebrations of life...

Lindee Garrett Beach wedding

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