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Rod Watson-Marriage & Funeral Celebrant of Brighton, Gardenvale, Elwood and ElsternwickRod Watson Celebrant with Couple

I am Located at:

25 Wrixon Avenue
East Brighton Vic 3187

And my contact details are:
Ph: (03) 9578 0066 (m.0409 382 512)
Em: rodwatson1@hotmail.com Same sex friendly rainbow emblem

My Qualifications are:
Diploma of Marriage Celebrancy

For my Celebrancy qualification I was Trained by:
International College of Celebrancy

My Associations are:
ICC Alumni and Friends;
Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants (AFCC);

I Provide the Following Ceremonies:


About Me:
All couples welcome!
Your wedding ceremony is the most important event that you will share as a couple. It is public profession of your love for each other. Therefore, it deserves time and effort to make it the best that is possible in order to make it the happiest day of your lives.

Before your wedding, you will get
➢ Full choice for your ceremony, including “style”
➢ As much assistance as you need composing the ceremony
➢ Production of the ceremony, including drafts
➢ Adequate time to reflect during the drafting stage
➢ An on-site rehearsal. At your wedding, you will get
➢ A personalised ceremony
➢ A ceremony that is warm, friendly and inclusive – formal or informal
➢ Involvement of family and friends, if you wish
➢ A LASER printed certificate of marriage with colour coat of arms
➢ Dress appropriate for the occasion.

After your wedding, you may consider
➢ A naming ceremony for your children.

Some comments from previous clients


A number of our guests told us it was the best wedding they'd ever been to, but one of our close friends summed it up best when she said, “What was so great about your wedding was that the ceremony was actually the highlight! Not that the reception was bad, but usually guests just sit through the ceremony waiting for the party to begin! Yours peaked early!”  For that we thank our celebrant, for really encouraging us to think about how we could make our wedding both unique and relevant to us, as well as those closest to us. We had no idea when we turned up to meet him what we were supposed to do or what options were available to us. Thanks to his thoughtful questions and explanation of all the options available, we left feeling really excited and inspired about how we could make our wedding our own. The end result was lots of laughter, a few tears and a very, very special beginning to the rest of our lives.

(Jane & Mark at Tanglewood Estate)

“On behalf of Trudy, (my wife), and I, we would like to thank you for your wonderful contribution to our wedding day. Many people have since commented on how uplifting, positive and full of character your service was. We also wholeheartedly agree. It was so enjoyable. You also made us feel very relaxed, which was important. A special thank you from the children, Jaeden and Ranee, for making them feel relaxed and a part of the ceremony.” [Craig & Trudy October 2000] “Many thanks for the wonderful Naming Ceremony you officiated for our little flower Zahara. It was a very special day for us, and we really appreciate the lovely job you did. I also appreciate the extra work you had to do to accommodate our rather short time-frame. Thanks!”
[Garnet and Neil]


“We wanted to thank-you officially for the wonderful job you did for our wedding. We really appreciated the friendly, relaxed and collaborative atmosphere of the meetings prior to the wedding. We also appreciated your helpful suggestions about the content of the ceremony when we were stuck in how to acknowledge divorced parents. In addition, the helpful practical hints about making things go smoothly on the day, especially with the seven children in the ceremony, were invaluable! The service you provided to us was outstanding.”

[Carolyn and Rodney]

The celebrant took up opportunities throughout the ceremony to ensure the total involvement of those present. He also grasped the opportunity of helping the couple and indeed the whole wedding party, to feel comfortable and relaxed. Similarly, the guests were made to feel welcome as an integral part of the whole celebration.

(John, celebrant in training) Rod Watson celebrant

Paul and I have so many happy memories to reflect on - I still have my ‘teary’ moments! So thanks once again for giving us a beautiful and most memorable ceremony.

(Maggie (aka. Mei-Yee) & Dzuy at The Gables). Watson-R-Pics2

We finally found a spare moment to write to you; it’s been a hectic month, especially since Max Oliver arrived . . . . Thank you so much for preparing and delivering a warm, personalised and humorous ceremony on 4 Jan. We really appreciated the time and effort you put into the day, meeting us to discuss our preferences, and organising the administrivia via e-mail. We’d love to catch up at some stage soon, to show you the photos . . . . and introduce you to little Max.

(Alison and Mark at Dickens Manor).

We just wanted to thank you for helping to make our wedding day very special and unique. As soon as we met with you to discuss our plans we both felt at ease knowing we were in good hands. The way you guided us while still giving us the freedom to make our own choices about our ceremony was just wonderful. Since the wedding we’ve had many comments about our beautiful ceremony and we couldn’t have been happier with it ourselves. It was also lovely to share a meal with you and many guests let us know they appreciated talking to you before or after the ceremony. 

(Karina & Michael at Royal Botanic Gardens). Watson-R-Pics3

Thank you for “marrying” us! We had a wonderful time on our wedding day. The ceremony was a true reflection of our feelings for each other and it felt very intimate. Many guests commented on how much they enjoyed the ceremony and what a ‘good job’ you had done of the marrying bit (a partial quote from an uncle). I think your careful preparation together with your encouragement to make the ceremony our own allowed us to relax and enjoy it all. For this we thank you! We’d also like to say a special thanks for the trouble you went to with your outfit. It worked splendidly with the theme. Love from

Fiona & Simon. ( at Ascot House) Watson-R-Pics3

Thank you for your part in the marriage of Darcy and Carolyn. We all enjoyed it immensely and this was due in no small way to your understanding of the ceremony and romance involved on the day. [The family of the Bridegroom] all agree that they could not have had a better start!

(Gail, mother of Bridegroom Darcy)



I would highly recommend Rod Watson for any couple looking for a celebrant who is wise, passionate, knowledgeable, and very personable. Rod has a great sense of humour whilst still keeping with the serious and emotional tone of a wedding. He really assisted us in putting together our perfect and own personal touches to our ceremony.

[Lauren & Brian] Watson-R-Pics5

Dear Rod,
Thank you so much for being such an important part of our wedding ceremony! We loved getting to put together such a great ceremony that was really about us, and you were just fantastic! All our family and friends thought you were brilliant, and we will definitely be passing on your details to our friends getting married! We had such an amazing
day, everything was just perfect.
Thanks for sending that through. We should be getting our professional photos back soon, so I will send one on to you.
Thank you so much again, and yes would love to see you in 2052! Cheers

[Tristen & Justin]

A pleasurable [task] was to thank you so much for the wonderful job you
did as marriage celebrant at Nick & Kate's wedding. I had hoped they would marry in the Catholic Church, but, as that was not going to happen, I could not have been more delighted that they chose you. Having the personal connection, and you being such a good Catholic yourself, made it the next best thing! You brought elegance, sophistication and the right mix of humour and solemnity to the occasion (as well as the most amazing vest - thank you, Ann*.) I heard so many positive comments about the marriage celebrant and I wholeheartedly agreed with them all.

WatsonR 3 [Margaret, Mother of Bridegroom]
* Wife of Celebrant.

Dear Rod,
Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony. We loved the sincerity, vibrancy and humour that you brought to our special ‘moment’. We appreciate all the work you put in to helping us realise our vision.
Warmest regards.

[Rachael, Marcel & Eva]

Dear Rod:
Thank you so much for your wonderful efforts in helping us to celebrate the wedding of our son Mark and his beautiful bride Jane. Mark was insistent that he wanted you to be the celebrant, and everything that happened thereafter served to confirm the wisdom of his choice.
WatsonR7 Jan and I were very appreciative of the care that you took to see that everything went smoothly - in particular the detailed explanations that you gave to us, and the on-site rehearsal down on the Mornington Peninsula.  When the great event took place we all knew exactly what our roles were to be, and were justifiably confident that everything would go smoothly.
WatsonR8 You were the consummate professional in your management of proceedings. You took great care to know Mark and Jane, and were able to tell their story with wit and good humour - all of which contributed to a day that we all remember fondly.  We will never forget your contribution to the joy and happiness that we all shared that day. With thanks,

Glenn Rowley [Father of Bridegroom]

“The celebrant, Rod Watson, arrived thirty minutes before the wedding. . . . I was impressed with how he introduced himself to the guests as they arrived and organised the chairs and a special table for the signing of the register, and made himself known to everybody present. . . . I was most impressed with how the celebrant was completely in control of the whole ceremony. . . . I felt that experiencing this ceremony helped me more than reading a book about it.. . . Rod did not raise his voice, but projected it so that everybody could hear. He was dressed immaculately, and made everybody feel very special.”

[Rids, celebrant in training]