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Making Your Commitment Ceremony Unique.

Not everyone wants or needs a legal marriage ceremony. Some prefer to declare their relationship without the need for the legal registration. jobo0001a

Commitment ceremonies have as much need for the substance and dignity of top class ceremony as any legal marriage. Your emotional life still has a need for a day full of joy and happiness in celebrating the relationship that may be the most important in your life.

We know that You want Your ceremony to be Special for You:

Call the Celebrant Centre on (03) 94190460 for information, books and booklets on how to make your ceremony special.

Same Sex Commitment

A Word for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Apart from a range of other values, in a society based on equality, ceremonies are important signposts. The culture reflects and communicates the values of the community. Ceremonies and Rites of Passage are measuring sticks of our culture, usually involving public witness. Gay relationships will increase their place enriching our community as gay people claim their cultural right to mark their commitment with a ceremony of equal dignity and substance to heterosexual couples.

Taken from our brochure
 “Your Commitment Ceremony

A topic that is subject to a lot of debate in Australia currently is that of Same Sex Commitment. Different states have different regulations, indeed making the subject one of confusion. Canberra has implemented a Gay Marriage register and a form of ceremony conducted in a registry office. In Victoria a gay couple can apply to have their relationship recognized through the register. What do the others have?

Celebrants are dedicated to making your day special, this is foremost in their minds. Celebrants who have expressed a positive wish to assist same sex couples with a quality ceremony are listed on Same Sex Commitment.

For information about how to conduct your commitment ceremony and what to look for in a celebrant, call the Celebrant Centre for a copy of our brochure ‘Your Commitment Ceremony’, an informative literature with valuable advice on how to prepare for your ceremony and what to expect from your Celebrant.

Choose Your Celebrant Wisely

Your ceremony should reflect your own personal values and unique personalities. Choosing a celebrant who will conduct your ceremony with professionalism and dignity may seem difficult. The celebrant movement, so unique to Australia, has brought wonderful opportunities, the main privilege a celebrant ceremony brings is choice. All the choices are yours. It is within your power to choose a ceremony with deep and lasting meaning, providing an indelible memory which will help you sustain a loving relationship. Personal recommendation is always preferred, your next choice is a celebrant represented on these pages.

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